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P-TRAC Automated Fleet Maintenance

Powered by “Track What Matters” GPS Fleet Trackers

P-TRAC Fleet Tracking in Zionsville, IN

PFM Car & Truck Care is excited to offer this easy to use, low-cost solution for vehicle maintenance tracking. When you sign-up for our Fleet Tracking program, you will no longer need to submit your monthly mileage or track due dates for Oil Changes, DOT inspections or many other common preventive maintenance services.

PFM Car & Truck Care will track your fleet’s usage and schedule your maintenance service as needed. If a check engine light or other situation arises, the GPS Tracker will alert you and the PFM team allowing for easy monitoring of your vehicles.

P-TRAC Fleet Tracking in Zionsville, IN

In addition to PFM Car & Truck Care tracking your fleet’s maintenance, you will have access to an easy-to-use tracking program on any computer, tablet or smartphone. You can monitor your vehicles in real-time on Google maps as well as view usage reports, history and alerts.

The best part? No contracts! You won't be locked for any amount of time.  Our fleet service is available for just $19.95 per month.

Fleet Manager Software Benefits

P-TRAC Fleet Tracking in Zionsville, IN

GPS fleet tracking provides a comprehensive view of a fleet’s activities to identify adjustments that will increase productivity and efficiency. This can result in dramatic cost savings as well as noticeable improvement in the lifespan of your vehicles.

Here are just some of the key ways that PFM Car & Truck Care ’s fleet tracking solution can help save your company time and money:

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs:

    Our real-time fleet tracking can help minimize vehicle breakdowns by ensuring your fleet operates as efficiently as possible. You will receive alerts by text or email to notify you when each vehicle is due for service.

  • Lower Fuel Costs and Improve Safety:

    Poor driving habits and inefficient routes increase operating expenses through excess fuel costs and early equipment failure.

    Improve overall fleet safety with the ability to monitor speed, correct inappropriate driver behavior and never miss a scheduled maintenance check.

  • Eliminate Theft and Waste

    The fleet monitoring software provides supervisors with the real-time knowledge of where their property is at all times. Custom geographic settings can be set to alert you when drivers aren’t following their pre-determined routes and keep you in the loop whenever you start to worry.

    This technology protects and tracks your assets, saves time and money, and improves overall efficiency. Ultimately, these benefits grant you peace of mind: 24/7.

Whether you are interested in GPS tracking simply for the automated maintenance alerts and easy scheduling, or you wish to dive into the full benefits of the Fleet Manager Software, PFM partnered with Track What Matters can be a great value to your business!

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